A 22 year-old aspiring editor of motion picture trailers (or “previews” for those of you less movie terminology-inclined), Jake Kaplan currently resides between his rooted home in Boston, MA and Butler University in Indianapolis, IN. An avid writer, critical film appreciator, and fiercely enthusiastic fan of visceral and evocative independent music, his hopes of eventually embedding himself in the Los Angeles sprawl drive him westward and his eyes to the more exciting aspects of an ever evolving (not quite) pop-culture and art scene.

By design, Sound/Off offers analysis, exploration, and musings on the things that peek Jake’s interest in the moment (or the constant) with the intention of being as much a fascinating read as it is a leisurely outlet. Opinions are welcome and followers (hopefully) rewarded: so come in, sound off, and enjoy the things you may have been missing out on. Trust me: this is going to be fun.

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